Saver food restaurant is located in Al Barsha Dubai ,Sharjah and Ajman . we also serve home delivery across Dubai Sharjah & Ajman. The cuisines we serve are halal and also they are so appealing that can stimulate appetite even when the hunger is absent.

We prepare Cuisine that gives you the indigenous Indian/Pakistani taste along with partial touch Arab style foods that live you up dreams of great taste and hospitality. We strictly follow the government mandates to meet the higher standards.we are specialised in afghani food.

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We are greatly concern for each fraction of time that you may dine on good food spending good times.


To serve an Epic tasting menu prepared with fresh & genuine ingredients that is endlessly delicious prepared by professional chefs.


We serve the residences & offices of Al Barsha, Dubai Sharjah & Ajman.home delivery to other areas in Dubai as we are not best but favourite for many. You are welcome to our restaurant for the table for 2 or more for casual dining and to make your special moment exceptional we offer onsite or offsite customized feast offers to your guests. Enjoy catch of the day! Where you can experience great taste with in surprising low price and you can also grab prix fixe along with your sides and substitutes. So try to step in now without wasting time.


We use pure and top quality spices for meat and rice, mainly 6 types of spice that are used for preparation of rice are cumin seeds, Green cardamom, Black cardamom, clove sticks, black pepper and cinnamon sticks.

The raisins, paprika powder, garlic, dried ginger, cumin seeds and red chilli is used to prepare the Kebab Koobideh. The skewers are turned every 10 seconds to insure that meat won’t fall off after it gets cooked is served with salad and bread.

In Lamb shanks preparation lamb pieces are marinated with ginger-garlic paste, black pepper, lemon juice and olive oil, then it is left in cool and dry place for hours, after this salt is added to it. Then it is placed into oven with onion topping for four hours on 200 degree centigrade.       

Chicken Afghani and Mutton Afghani gravy like korma and kadhaai etc. along with tasty pulses are prepared at our restaurant. The vegans can enjoy vegetable pulao along with fried vegetables. Traditional Parothas are also prepared to give Indian or Pakistani touch to the food especially for breakfas

Food Journey of Afghanistan

Afghan food culture is the blend of many nationalities that come together in the heart of Asia. The food here is having wide range of rice, stews and dessert etc. Afghan people love to dine on rich nutritious food. The food here is not quite spicy as Indian or Pakistani food. Dried mint is used for topping as and is influenced by China. Bread is very important part of Afghan food culture and is almost eaten by people in breakfast, lunch and dinner.

In the name of vegetarian dish Chana Dal is very famous and it is also cooked with chicken. Beans are also significant part of local cuisine. As cheese is for Italians yoghurt is for Afghans, it is added to spicy dishes to make a mild or to give little flavour to the food. Nuts are used as snacks and one of the rich ingredients in preparation of traditional dishes, for sweet and sour taste dry plums are used. Classic Basmati rice is the important part of afghan food as it is fluffy with great aroma. There are many styles of rice dishes as it long process to prepare rice in Afghanistan and Kabuli Pulao is considered as national dish used in weddings and special occasions. In Afghanistan tea define hospitality, it is said when one reach home the first cup of tea he takes with stranger, second cup of tea is with friends and third cup of tea is with family such is the power of tea. Tea is not only a drink but it is about connection and relationship, tea is taken with nuts and sweets. The king tea is sheer chai to which clotted cream and kaymagh chai. The nuts, milk and sugar etc. together makes delicious dessert.


Are you looking for Pakistani food? Then, you can look nowhere than Saver food Restaurant. It is the one-stop destination of the Best Afghani food in Dubai. The restaurant is located near Al Barasha, Dubai,Sharjah & Ajman.

We not only serve the restaurant, but we also deliver at home. All our dishes are halal. All the dishes are mouth-watering and it stimulates the appetite. The foods are delicious and are cooked in Arab style. We are the Best Restaurant in Dubai because we live up with hospitality and great taste.

Our restaurant follows all the government standards and mandates. It is the Best Restaurant in Dubai and we take great pleasure to serve the perfect plate for our customers. You not only enjoy good food but also spend good times in our restaurant.

We offer genuine ingredients and epic menu in the Best Restaurant in Dubai. The professional chefs prepare delicious dishes. We serve the offices and residences of Al Barasha, Dubai,Sharjah & Ajman.

We are the Best Asian Restaurant in Dubai that welcomes you with a table of two, casual dining. Our restaurant offers you special service and moment if you want to celebrate any special occasion.

We offer customized offsite and onsite feast so that our guests enjoy the cozy ambiance of the restaurant. You can experience a great taste of food at an affordable price. Without wasting time come to us and enjoy mouth-watering Best Arabic food in Dubai.

Ingredients of the Dishes

We use six types of spices like clove sticks, green cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon sticks, cumin seeds and black cardamom to prepare rice. To prepare Kebab Koobideh, you need cumin seeds, garlic, paprika powder, red chili and dried ginger. You will get this food item in the Best Afghani Restaurant in Dubai.

In every 10 seconds, our chefs turn the skewers so that the meat gets well cooked and you can have them with bread and salad. We are the Best Pakistani Restaurant in Dubai that prepare lamb shanks. The chefs marinate the lamb with ginger garlic paste, lemon juice, olive oil and black pepper. Then, store the lamb in a cool place.

The lamb kept in a dry place for hours and then put the salt into it. Then, we place the lamb in the oven with the onion toppings for four hours on 200-degree centigrade. To taste the Best Afghani food in Dubai you should taste mutton Afghani and Chicken Afghani dishes. They are basically Kadhai and Korma. We also cook tasty pulses in our restaurant.

Are you vegan? We have menus of fried vegetables with vegetable pulao. Also, we serve traditional parotha with Pakistani and Indian style. It is a special type parotha for sumptuous breakfast. We are the Best Restaurant in Dubai.

Why choose us?

We have dedicated chefs who will prepare the best food. We are the Best Asian Restaurant in Dubai and all our chefs cook delicious, fresh food for our customers. We maintain hygiene and cleanliness in our restaurant. We never compromise in the cleanliness matter. When a customer enters in our restaurant, they find cleanliness all around.

We have customer friendly staffs. Once you enter our restaurant, you will get all the answers to our queries from our friendly staffs. They are always there to help you. So, we are the Best Pakistani Restaurant in Dubai in customer service.

We offer the home delivery service and our chefs and staffs are dedicated to this service. We are punctual with our timing and we do not keep our customers waiting. For the Best Arabic food in Dubai, our restaurant serves you the best.

Come to Saver food Restaurant and enjoy a delicious dinner, lunch or breakfast with your family and friends. If you want home delivery, then we are just a call away.

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