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Saver food restaurant is located in Marina, Dubai. We serve locals of Marina  but we also serve home delivery across Dubai. The cuisines we serve are halal and also they are so appealing that can stimulate appetite even when the hunger is absent.

We prepare Cuisine that gives you the indigenous Indian/Pakistani taste along with partial touch Arab style foods that live you up dreams of great taste and hospitality. We strictly follow the government mandates to meet the higher standards.


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We serve the residences & offices of Marina  Al Barsha, Dubai,Sharjah & Ajman  but we serve home delivery to other areas in Dubai as we are not best but favourite for many. You are welcome to our restaurant for the table for 2 or more for casual dining and to make your special moment exceptional we offer onsite or offsite customized feast offers to your guests. Enjoy catch of the day! Where you can experience great taste with in surprising low price and you can also grab prix fixe along with your sides and substitutes. So try to step in now without wasting time.


To serve an Epic tasting menu prepared with fresh & genuine ingredients that is endlessly delicious prepared by professional chefs.


We are greatly concern for each fraction of time that you may dine on good food spending good times.


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We use pure and top quality spices for meat and rice, mainly 6 types of spice that are used for preparation of rice are cumin seeds, Green cardamom, Black cardamom, clove sticks, black pepper and cinnamon sticks.

UStad Kamil khan

Head Chef

Muhammad iqbal

Executive Chef